Friday, October 2, 2009

Remake of The Prisoner

I just watched the 9-minute preview of a new AMC miniseries -- a re-make of The Prisoner. This is wrong on so many levels:

  • Never re-make a classic.
  • James Caviezel plays Number Six. WTF? An American?
  • Far too many American accents.
  • In conversations, the characters call each other "Six" and "Eleven-Twelve," as if they simply had flaky parents who gave them numbers as names. It's supposed to be "NUMBER Six."
Gay, atheist, vegetarian Sir Ian McKellen plays Number Two. From everything I've heard, Caviezel is a pretty conservative Catholic.

Patrick McGoohan, the star of the original series, died earlier this year.

I am not surprised that they re-made The Prisoner, but I am pissed off. The only silver lining is that this may lead more people to watch the original -- catch it on Fridays on IFC.

Be seeing you.

My Punishment

This is what greeted me when I pulled my oft-used Tilley hat from the washing machine. I've washed it in the machine before, without any damage, but I guess that I waited too long between washings this time, and that the rot that sets in from too-little washing occurred.

Why is it beloved? Well, first of all, it comes in a size large enough to fit over my dreadlocks. I look like a total dork, of course, but it fits. Plus, it was very durable and shielded me from the sun, rain, and bird poop on many an outdoor adventure. Next time, I promise to wash my Tilley hat more often.