Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Interesting woodpecker behavior

In a park downtown today, I saw a gorgeous male Nuttall's Woodpecker on the ground (cement) in a very shallow puddle. He was holding his belly very low and dragging it in the puddle and hopping around as if he was trying to take a bath, but the puddle was so shallow, that he didn't get much of a bath. Every once in a while, he kind of pecked at the puddle -- I think that he was trying to drink, but there was only a little scooping action going on. He also made a single-note call every few seconds -- PEEP! I watched him for minute or two, then kept walking. When I looked back, he was gone, so I assume that he could fly and wasn't hurt. I can't recall seeing a non-Flicker woodpecker on the ground like this. Oh how, I wish I had my camera (it takes video). He was quite cute and a little pathetic -- most woodpeckers are not made to move about on the ground. Poor thing -- he needed a deeper body of water.

My husband subscribes to Birds of North America Online. I'm going to ask him to access the article on the Nuttall's Woodpecker for me so that I can read the Behavior section. But not tonight. It's time for bed.

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