Saturday, October 25, 2008

Nimbus Fish Hatchery and Surrounding Area

Salmon numbers in the American River are very low this year -- so low, that we didn't see any on our visit to the Nimbus Fish Hatchery today. What a downer. According to the The Sacramento Bee:

The American River salmon run estimate for this year is just 6,000. Average numbers in the past year have been 35,000, with as many as 80,000 in some years, according to Mike Healey, an associate fisheries biologist for the Department of Fish and Game.

Burks [manager of the hatchery] said there is a combination of factors behind the decreased salmon population, including ocean currents and changing water conditions.

The California wild grape crop on the American River Parkway near the hatchery is great this year (as it is at the Cosumnes River Preserve). Look at the rainbow of colors ...
It's always a treat to watch the Cedar Waxwings feeding on grapes along this stretch of the river. We got to watch them eating at eye-level just a few feet away from us. My husband pointed out that the Cedar Waxwings in the sky were acting like swallows. Very interesting.

They have put out fishing line recycling bins near the river, which is a good thing.

MallardCalifornia Fuchsia
The acorn crop (no photos) is great this year, too.

The World Series is in a rain delay.

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