Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Number Six is dead

Some recent deaths in the world of sci-fi, etc.
  • Majel Barrett Roddenberry of Star Trek. Remember that she played the dark-haired Number One in the pilot episode? She got to wear pants in that episode, and she was second in command. Then they turned her into a blond nurse in a mini-dress. How insulting.


Aphra said...

I liked the Troi's mother's character that Majel Barrett Roddenberry played with the Jean-Luc Picard crew, but there was less sexism in the studio by then. Less, not none.

Sylvie said...

In the Next Generation, Troi started out in a mini-dress and ended up in pants (a jumpsuit, I guess; rather tight around the waist, but at least she got to wear pants).