Saturday, March 21, 2009

At the Coast

We birded along the coast today -- we saw the Yellow-billed Loon that's been hanging out in Tomales Bay.

The Horned Grebes and Common Loons are coming into breeding plumage -- very pretty (I didn't get any decent photos of them).

The Brant numbers were high, and we really enjoyed watching them feed on eelgrass. The Coots like the eelgrass too, and this one has a bunch of it on its back. Hope the Brant doesn't try to eat it!

Same photo as above

We saw the most adorable French Bulldog puppy at The Tides in Bodega Bay today. While this tiny puppy is very cute (in a bat-like, gargoyle-like sort of way), I must say that I don't approve of most animal breeding -- especially breeding animals that are prone to health problems. French Bulldogs have serious respiratory problems, and their heads are so large that they are usually born via C-section. Plus, there are so many cats and dogs that are already here that need good homes -- we don't need to make more. If you want a pet, please rescue one from a shelter!

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