Saturday, January 23, 2010

PZ Myers at UC Davis

After almost three days of being housebound, I dragged my sorrier-than-usual carcass to the PZ Myers talk at UC Davis on Thursday night. I checked his blog earlier in the day, and was a little disappointed when he wrote "I also think I'll break up my next talk [UC Davis] a bit more; this one [UCSB] bounced about over some fairly dense sciencey stuff, and a little more variety and more opportunities to discuss should be more fun." I would have preferred a skosh more lecturing, but overall, I enjoyed the event. The room holds 422, and it appeared to be more than half-full. There were some other people of color there (awesome!!), but I think (and I could very well be wrong) that I was the only African-American there.

I am very grateful to my kind husband for negotiating the campus (this includes avoiding pedestrians that crossed the street nowhere near a corner or crosswalk, without looking for traffic, in the dark and rain!! WTF? How fucking oblivious can they be? It's a univerity with numerous STREETS that are used by CARS. It's this weird and dangerous sense of entitlement that afflicts some of the bicyclists in the Town of Davis as a whole, too, but don't even get me started on that.) in the dark and the rain to drop me off near the building so that I wouldn't have to walk as far; walking back and forth from the parking structure in the rain; letting me lean on him to pant and regain my strength; and for being an all around wonderful person.

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