Saturday, November 3, 2007

My Fashion Sense is Immense … Not!

This entry is not about hummingbirds. I just wanted to include a photo :-)

When asked about his appearance, UC Davis Professor (of evolution, ecology, and entomology) Art Shapiro responded, "I dress the way I do because I believe in the supremacy of content over display. I'm also more comfortable." Ah, a kindred spirit. Check out the Field Guide to Butterflies of the San Francisco Bay and Sacramento Valley Regions, which was authored by Art Shapiro and illustrated by Tim Manolis. For more about Art, see this site and this one.

My husband says that I am the Princess and the Pea because my clothing drives me crazy if it doesn’t fit just right. For me, “just right” has nothing to do with style (what’s that?) – it’s about having my clothes fit just loosely enough so that I can’t feel them constricting my movement. Still, I do love sparkly things, like nail polish. I rarely wear nail polish because 1) I am VERY easily distracted, and I tend to stare at my painted nails instead of um, concentrating on the task at hand; and 2) I can feel the polish on my nails, and it feels like my nails can’t “breathe.” OK, so I’m a nut, but I CAN feel the polish on my nails, and it bugs me. So, I was happy to find Neutrogena’s Instant Nail Enhancer in Pearl Sheen, because it makes my nails subtly sparkly, lets them “breathe,” dries instantly, and doesn’t smell toxic.

In terms of "fashion," I love earrings with nature themes, striped socks, striped tights, socks with nature themes, and my shiny black London Birkenstocks (they look like shoes a Hobbit would wear).

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