Monday, February 16, 2009

Random Thoughts of 2-16-09

A year ago, I mentioned my crocheting woes (here and here). I finally bought one -- the egg-shaped one -- of the ergonomic hooks I mentioned a year ago, and I think it’s helping.

OK, I’ll try to be nice here: I actively avoid the company of very young humans. Having said that, I am participating in a tradition in my office -- when a co-worker or their partner is pregnant, a bunch of people pitch in and make a baby blanket. Each person knits, crochets, or weaves a 9-inch square, and a couple of people assemble the blanket. For the latest one, someone has volunteered to sew a fabric backer to the whole thing. So, while I do not approve of the rampant breeding taking place, nor do I wish to cuddle any of the resultant spawn, I do like to sit around with my co-workers during lunch whilst knitting or crocheting, and I do think that it’s a sweet gesture that the parents really like. Another cool thing was that for for the last blanket, my co-worker was expecting a girl, and the mother said that she didn't want any pink stuff or any of those stupid and embarrassing games at her baby shower. How refreshing.

Last weekend, I attended the local Darwin Day event and the annual quilt show. Over 300 people were at the Darwin Day event, which was very encouraging. I only saw three familiar faces, which was also encouraging because that means that there are more freethinkers out there!

Remember the quilt show that I was too sick to attend last year? Well, I went this year -- very nice (I got sick a week later, though). I went with a friend from work. It was our first “Furlough Friday” as government employees, so we decided to live it up a little. We had an excellent breakfast at a little cafĂ© and then checked out the quilts at a couple of locations – 1) a gallery, which included some really old pieces (very cool) and 2) the quilt show, which was all new stuff.

As I mentioned, this February, my body waited an additional week to get sick. I just had five days (well, this is the fifth) off of work – the result of a couple of holidays and a funky (I hate that word; can’t believe I just used it) schedule caused by the furloughing of government employees. The will to live is returning to me after feeling like cat shit (the worst form of animal feces) for several days – I’ve never had a headache that lasted for so long. My eyes are bloodshot from coughing and my throat feels like it’s been sandpapered. Oy vey. This morning I feel like dog shit, which is an improvement. I hope to be upgraded to some form of herbivore shit soon, so that I can return to work tomorrow. Speaking of the furloughs, I don’t mind having my pay reduced by 10% if it means that people don’t get laid off. Of course, the governator is still threatening to lay off people. He is such a bully.

On a more positive note, a Pacific Treefrog has been croaking outside of my window for quite a while, and it makes me very happy. A couple of weeks ago, the treefrog and an Oak Titmouse were calling at the same time, and it was so wonderful that it was almost more than I could bear. I nearly plotzed with joy!!!

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