Saturday, May 30, 2009

I am in love

Gate inspection

My in-laws' new property came with three pygmy goats and two sheep! I named them before I met them, and when I thought that there were only two goats and one sheep. I met them last Sunday, and I am in love! The sheep are very handsome, but they were not interested in people at all. Two of the goats were super-friendly, and I pet them for a very, very long time and took numerous photos. The largest of the goats, Baerli II, was the most timid with people -- he let me touch his nose twice -- but he has no problem facing down the sheep.

The goats are very smart. When asked what month it is, they replied "Maaaaaaaaaaaaay!" :-)

These photos prove why I am completely besotted with these creatures:

Schwanli, the smallest goat

Schwanli nibbles Baerli II

Baerli has a cute mule-ish muzzle

Baerli -- coy or cross?

Baerli II, the largest of the goats, sitting like a dog
Another shot of Baerli II sitting like a dog

At times, the goats would stand up on their hind legs and butt heads ever so gently.
I wasn't able to get a picture of that,but believe me, it was effing adorable.

The goats have a three-way head butt ...

... as the sheep head for the larger pasture. Each time the sheep headed for the larger pasture, the goats followed. Their bottoms are adorable!

Baerli II considers head-butting Nasturtium II. It didn't happen.Nasturtium II


Nasturtium nibbles coyly

Ta ta for now,

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