Monday, January 11, 2010

Short and Sweet

A man with a watch knows what time it is.
A man with two watches is never quite sure.
Source: an email someone sent to my husband


goprairie said...

you commented on my blog, so i am stalking you now.
oka, i just read your profile and followed it to your blog.
2 things:
can you really not swim? i thought i was the only person on the planet. i love to paddle - you can read posts about paddling and my fear of water and see photos taken while paddling on my blog if you use the labels. but i can't swim and never will be able to.
and - why the name 'kind crow'? i am interested in crows and have some crow writings on my blog that you can find using labels. i got interested in them while driving around wisconsin and seeing them along the road and in treas near the road and often in threes and when i asked a friend if he knew why, it prompted stories about his pet crow. i am working on a block print with a crow.
nuf said - thanks for the comments.

Sylvie said...

Yup, I cannot swim. I think that maybe a fear of being in water that is deeper than I am tall is perfectly natural for an air-breathing landlubber. Have you had people dismiss your fear by saying that, since we start off surrounded by liquid in the womb, that fearing water is silly? You get to see a lot of wildlife from your canoe, I bet.

I really need to add labels to my posts, but now I have so many posts that it would take for-freakin’-ever to go back and fix things, and I’m obsessive-compulsive, so it would REALLY take forever 

I will have to check out your crow-labeled posts, and good luck with your block print. Why “Kind Crow?” I ADORE corvids – I am fascinated by their intelligence, beauty, vocalizations, behavior, family dynamics – and I liked the way the words sounded together. When you look at them, they look right back at you, and you can almost see their brains working, sizing up the situation. I know that crows have serious reasons for bobbing and cawing insanely from the top of light posts, but they look so silly, and it never ceases to crack me up!

Apart from American Crows (in my city) and Common Ravens (have to drive a little bit to get to see them), there are also:

Tamaulipas Crows – tiny crows that look and sound more like mini-ravens (we experienced them in Texas)

Fish Crows with their adorable “uh-uh!” calls – We were on a birding trip in Florida, and as we exited a cafĂ©/coffeehouse, we were scolded (well, I pretend that they were talking to us) with an “uh-uh!” Cracked us up!

New Caledonian Crows that use tools,,

Thanks for stopping by.

Good night,