Monday, May 5, 2008


My friend significantly brightened my Monday with these flowers -- Blue-eyed Grass and Tiny Rubies -- that she presented to me at work this morning in a very tiny bottle (the bottle is four inches tall). It's like a bouquet of irises and carnations in miniature. Here they are in my kitchen:
The Tiny Rubies have a delightful carnation fragrance. The Blue-eyed Grass flowers were closed when she brought them to my desk. As I worked, I grabbed the bottle and sniffed the Tiny Rubies every so often, and during one sniff, I was shocked as there was now an open Blue-eyed Grass blossom half an inch from my glasses.

My husband has a cold/flu, so he stayed home from work today. When I got home, he was feeling a little better and he asked me if I'd like to go for walk by the river, then grab some dinner, then go to buy a camera (a certain one that works well for digiscoping). Well, halfway through our walk, he started to feel very sick again, so we headed for home. Poor thing -- he's dizzy and feverish; he has a terrible cough; and he aches. We never used to get sick that often, and we've each had several colds over the past year. We're getting old, I guess.

We did see some cool things on our walk -- turtles interacting, Tree Swallows copulating, a Black-chinned Hummingbird (saw a flash of purple), this butterfly (a Lady? Perhaps a Painted Lady?):

Giant bees in the vetch:
Good night,