Sunday, May 18, 2008


We birded my husband's office today.

Blue Grosbeak in the road
"There's a Grosbeak on the road ..." sung to the tune of "Riders on the Storm"

Blue Grosbeak in action
California Blackberry
There were over 70 American White Pelicans. If you look closely, in each of these photos you can see one with a protruding plate on its maxilla-- this is common in breeding adults.

My husband saw this Pacific Treefrog crawl out from under a dirt clod. It had survived the farmer's discing of the field. What a cutie!
I banged my knees and shins on a log trying to sneak up on this Swallowtail.
The neighbor's cat was napping under our truck when we got home. They haven't named him, although they have had him for 12 years, so we have given him several names -- the latest is Caruthers (after Caruthers Canyon in the Mojave National Preserve).Ta ta for now,

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