Sunday, May 11, 2008


We went birding at my husband's place of employment (it's hard to call it his office, since he works outside 70% of the time) today. Highlights included three Blue Grosbeaks, several Western Tanagers, at least two Bullock's Orioles (one of them was a male that looked like a Blackburnian Warbler on steroids), a Townsend's Warbler, Yellow Warblers with candy stripes, and an Anna's Hummingbird building a nest -- she sat in it and wiggled around a bit, as if she were shaping it with her body.

This was a VERY successful Bushtit family. The young were so cute all lined up on a branch being fed.
Cottonwood fluff is everywhere.

These oak apple galls looked good enough to eat.
A beetle?
This snakefly landed on my husband's pants. I got several pictures of it in some really cute poses on my husband's hand, but of course all of those photos were blurry.

We had crepes for lunch at the same place we went to in February. Once again, we each had a Mediterranean Crepe with a side of rosemary-garlic potatoes. This time, we had a strawberry crepe (with vanilla ice cream, of course) for dessert.

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