Monday, September 1, 2008

8-3-08 Trip to the Coast, Part 1

We went to Point Reyes National Seashore and Bodega Bay on August 3rd. Point Reyes and Bodega Bay, and their general surroundings, are probably our favorite coastal birding destinations in California. Today's post is about the Point Reyes portion of the day. I'll share my photos from Bodega Bay later.

Here are some photos from Abbotts Lagoon at Point Reyes:

Brush rabbits were abundant, and effing adorable! This one flipped over on its back (lighting fast!) in the middle of the trail and then back onto its stomach -- very acrobatic. Perhaps it was taking a dust bath? Here it is right after the flip:

Just look at those chubby haunches!
Beautiful clover flower

Brown Pelicans
We spotted a doe and fawn. They crossed the trail in front of us.Monkeyflower
Some kind of sea plant? Neat-looking, yes?
Pretty thistle (note the insect in the second photo)

Bee on a different thistle
A female California Quail strikes a regal pose
A Harrier coursed by
A true bug
GBH stridin' out across the dunes
We saw this scruffy White-crowned Sparrow on the trail on the hike in and the hike out. Judging by its scruffiness, and serious lack of tail feathers, I think it's a young of the year.

Note how its meager tail is jauntily cocked to the side.
Well, I have to go. The Giants game is starting soon, and Lincecum is pitching today, which means that they might actually win. By the way, the only nicknames that have been suggested for him that I approve of are definitely "Seabiscuit," and maybe "The Franchise." "The Freak" is the only one that has stuck, and I hate it.

Ta ta for now,

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