Saturday, September 6, 2008

Stinkhorn ID

My friend thinks that her stinkhorn fungi could be Lysurus mokusin. See also, the "Other Descriptions and Photos" heading at the bottom of that site. My rough estimate is that, as of yesterday, they've had 11.5 of them (she and her husband are not in agreement about whether they've had 11 or 12).

Her husband found this cool time-lapse video of mold and mushrooms. Check out the stinkhorn with the lacy veil-like skirt.

My other stinkhorn entries are
My husband and I are on stinkhorn standby alert -- up until this point, we've only seen photos, but to see one "in person" would be awesome. My friend's husband checks every morning to see if any stinkhorns have popped up. They only last a day, and look better in the morning, so I told my friend to call us as early as she would like this weekend if anything new pops up. Fingers crossed!

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