Friday, April 25, 2008

El Dorado County, Part 2

More from our trip to El Dorado County last weekend ...


I saw some of the most AWESOME fungi ever!

These look like little nests with eggs.

Check out the acorn caps and the tiny beetle in this photo.

Our friends have several cats. Norgay is the deepest, glossiest black, but it doesn't show up so well in the first photo. He is a sweet, handsome, confident cat. (I didn't get any photos of his brother Tenzing, who is very shy around visitors. I saw him once the entire weekend.)

Isn't Zoe beautiful? She is a little shy, but playful.

Here is Elsie, who was a stray, pregnant cat that they trapped on their property. She had five kittens. They were two weeks old when we visited.Tiny scorpions live under the bricks that surround our friends' compost pile,along with centipedes.
Well that's all for now.


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