Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Random Thoughts of 4-1-08

My husband shared this photo with me. A friend at work said that they don't know much about wildlife down there (note the street :-)

Over the weekend, my co-worker and his wife watched a pair of Mourning Doves build a nest in their back yard. They built it on a baking rack that the homeowners use for potted plants. The doves incorporated a temperature sensor that is on the rack (for an outdoor thermometer, I think) into their nest. It will be interesting to see how things warm up. One egg has been laid so far.

Speaking of doves, pigeons and doves drink using suction.
You see other birds scooping up water and tilting their heads back to swallow, but not pigeons and doves. After reading about this, I paid extra special attention to the ones that I see at this perpetually flooded sidewalk on my daily walk downtown, and lo and behold, a Mourning Dove daintily placed its bill in the water and proceeded to sip. I always check this location to see if the robins are bathing. I don't approve of the waste of water (someone needs to fix those sprinklers), but at least the birds and I are enjoying it. Really, is there anything more charming than a bathing bird? I think not.

Spiral eye self-threading needles. Great idea, but too bad they only come in one size.

How to make button flower pins

I love the Prickly Pear Cactus Lemonade from Bolthouse Farms. It’s a bit too sweet, even for me, so I drink it in very small quantities. They stopped selling it at my grocery store, but look, Desert USA sells prickly pear cactus syrup. I have been enjoying this Prickly Pear Jojoba Castile Body Cleanser, too.

Here is a dog photo from doe-c-doe's blog (near the end of the entry) that will, as my friend says, "lower your blood pressure."

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