Saturday, April 5, 2008


We had fun exploring the great outdoors today. While we were out, I picked up some acorn caps. I hope that they fit the beads I'm using for doll heads (and that they are unoccupied :-)

Here are some photos of a Valley Oak forest that has never been logged:

This rabbit was very laid back. In these photos, watch its ears go down and then come back up.
Osage Orange (not native, probably invasive, but an interesting plant). I'm guessing that these are the young fruit that will eventually become the giant brain-like fruit this tree is known for.Remember making these filaree (not native, definitely invasive) scissors in school?

CloudsThese California Poppies are in our front yard:Ta ta for now,


floresita said...

Wow, those trees and flowers are so beautiful!

craft-o-matic said...

You've got fantastic pictures!!! I love the heart shaped walnut and fuzzy squirrel face! Cool blog :)

Sylvie said...