Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Baseball talk

After work today, we had dinner in a restaurant in one of those malls that has been revamped a number of times, but still hasn't really gelled. After dinner, we stopped in a sports memorabilia store. I picked up a few San Francisco Giants cards and had a nice conversation with the owner. I asked him if this was his dream job. He said that it was actually a way of life. He has been doing it for 30 years, since retiring from his job as a linoleum layer. He said that he knew he wouldn't do it for his entire work life, since it is so hard on your body. Flooring is in his family -- he proudly told me that his grandmother was the first female member of the carpet makers' union. She worked in San Francisco. This was back when carpet was sewn by hand -- a job that was very hard on the hands. The stuff lasts 50 years. There are still people around who hand-repair (and maybe still hand-produce, I'm not sure) that old type of carpet.

I am not really a baseball card collector, but I do like baseball and tchotchkes, so who was I to resist? Of course, they were out of Lincecum cards. I did get a good one of Ray Durham (I was sad to see him traded; he had such a sweet disposition), a couple of so-so ones of Omar Vizquel, an OK one of Bengie Molina, a really good classic black and white of Rich Aurilia, and one of Willie McCovey. I only meant to get one of Dave Righetti, but the sorted piles of cards on the counter at the store got mixed up, and I ended up with several of him.

You know how some players have a signature song that is played when they come up to bat or when they take the mound (for closers)? Rich Aurilia is from Brooklyn, and they used to play the Beastie Boys' "No Sleep 'til Brooklyn" for him. For Mariano Rivera, they play Metallica's "Enter Sandman." Someone uses "Iron Man." The only reason that I am not a major league baseball player is because all of the good tunes are taken -- that, and I hate participating in sports, and I'm not a guy, and, and, and. Players at certain positions tend to have certain dispositions, at least on the field. Pitchers are an eccentric lot. Catchers have to be stable and keep the pitchers centered. Since I have so many anxieties and am anything but calm, I would be a pitcher. Is "Crazy Train" taken?

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