Sunday, July 27, 2008

Loney Meadow, 7-19-08

On 7-19-08, we went on an Audubon trip to Loney Meadow, which is north of Grouse Ridge near Bowman Lake in the Tahoe National Forest. See the west side of this map. I continue to love The Laws Field Guide to the Sierra Nevada. It was a good day (although I had hoped that it would be cooler, since we were at elevation). Anyway, on to the photos ...

Less cowbell, please.
A herd of cows kept showing up throughout the field trip.
EVERY cow wore a cowbell, and they seriously disturbed the peace.
This calf is cute, though :-)

Alpine Lily

Clodius Parnassian. See the bright orange spot in the last photo.


Butterflies -- scandalous!

Bee on lupine


One of those tiny secret worlds that enchant me

Unknown flower

Silene sp.Ta ta for now,

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