Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Woodpecker behavior follow-up

Remember the interesting Nuttall's Woodpecker behavior? Well, here is a little from its account in The Birds of North America:

Swimming And Diving

Not known to swim. (Something we have in common)


Preening, Head-Scratching, Stretching, Bathing, Anting, Etc

Preening movements not specifically described but likely similar to those used by most other small birds. No reports of anting.

So nothing about bathing or drinking. Perhaps I have something to add under their "Self-Maintenance" heading. Then, again, my sample size is rather small. I might add that, although I have bad knees, for several days after I saw the woodpecker, I kept impersonating the bird's behavior by hopping forward with my knees bent and sort of thrusting my middle forward with each hop, trying to impersonate the woodpecker dragging its belly in the puddle. I know that I didn't look a thing like it, but I definitely enjoyed myself. Apart from doing the impersonation at work for a trusted co-worker, I kept my hopping at home.

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