Friday, July 25, 2008

Placer County, 6-29-08

On June 29th, five of us from the local Audubon Society went birding in the Sierra in Placer County. We visited Paige Meadows and Squaw Valley Ski Resort [yes, we saw the Gray-crowned Rosy-Finches (quite different than the ones we saw in Alaska) that were nesting under the Silverado ski lift]. It was one of those impossibly beautiful days. It was great to be with people that are interested in everything -- all-around naturalists.

A couple of folks brought The Laws Field Guide to the Sierra Nevada, a book that I raved about in this post. (We now have our own copy, and we took it on a trip earlier this month.)

Most of the "lusher" photos are from Paige Meadows.

Crossing a bridge

Monkshood. Neat!
Its petals twist as they dry (just like the Laws Field Guide says!)
Shooting Star
Red Belted Conk. Note the droplets of liquid on the underside. This thing was huge! Did I mention that I love fungi? Did I mention that the Laws Guide is awesome?

A member of the Malvaceae
A different member of the Malvaceae
Did I mention that I love lichen? These lovely clumps were hanging from a tree 15 or 20 feet in the air. Interesting.
Meadow -- note the cool bathtub rings of different shades of green
and all of the pale purple flowers. Ahhh....

Another meadow
Western Wood-Pewee
An Allium
Bee in Wyethia?

Elephant's Head. I LOVE these flowers. It is always a treat to see them!
See how the flowers are nicely framed by the leaves of the Corn Lily?

Common Checkered-skippers
A Lady?

Beetles on Pussypaws
Penstemon -- note the insect on the upper right in the first photo.

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