Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Today and Sunday

Hermit Thrush, Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park, 11-11-08

We had today off (government holiday). We visited the Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park. It's nice -- lots of Black Oaks, cool lichen and moss, tons of woodpeckers (including a Red-breasted Sapsucker), and historical exhibits. I got a penny wooden doll kit from the park's gift shop. It comes with the doll, cloth, and a pattern to make her outfit. We'll see how the sewing goes :-)

Here are some more photos from today:

Web with dew
Lots of lichen and moss

We visited my in-laws on Sunday, 11/9. Here are some photos:

These holes are all over their property. Who lives in there? We don't know .

Here is their dog, Presto
(aka Prestorini, aka Hey Presto, aka Mr. Prestidigitation Jones; only I call him that last one :-)
Here is their dog, Dylan (after Bob!)
Ta ta for now,

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