Monday, November 24, 2008

CVBS 2008

Lewis's Woodpecker, 11-21-08
CVBS field trip to Eastern Contra Costa County

We're back from the 12th Annual Central Valley Birding Symposium (CVBS, November 20-23, 2008) that is hosted by the Central Valley Bird Club.
Jack Laws, who wrote and illustrated the new field guide to the Sierra Nevada that I've mentioned several times (here, here, and here), gave a talk and several bird drawing workshops. He is a funny, goofy, enthusiastic naturalist.

More photos:

Another picture of the Lewis's Woodpecker
Webs with dew, CVBS Cosumnes River Preserve field trip, 11-22-08

A Pacific Treefrog is croaking outside of my window.

Ta ta for now, Sylvie.


Aphra said...

Great photos!

Sylvie said...

Thanks! They are much clearer/sharper before I shrink them to about 33K to save space on my blog. I love your cloud photos. We just returned from a trip to the Southwest -- New Mexico and Arizona, and the skies and landscape were breathtaking!