Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Billions and Billions

They are showing Cosmos on The Science Channel. The first episode played last night. I kept waiting for Carl to say "billions and billions," but he never did. He did say "billions" and "trillions" and maybe"billions of trillions." Ah, Carl ... so sincere and such a goober. I can't believe he's been dead for over a decade.

My husband and I read to each other. I read to him in bed most nights, and I read to him in the car during long road trips. He reads me entries from The Columbia Encyclopedia and interesting snippets from whatever book he happens to be reading at the time. After we watched Cosmos last night, he read me several entries from the encyclopedia related to people and institutions mentioned in the program.

So, I'm off to bed. We just started Early Bird: A Memoir of Premature Retirement last night. It's pretty funny so far. Both of us worked late today, so we're going to bed early.

Good night,

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