Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sergei's a flower

Remember the peonies? Well, I forgot to mention something. When I brought them home, I showed them to my husband, and I raved about how big one of them was. He said “It’s a bronco of a bloom.” That melted my heart and made me giddy. Why? Well, that line is from a poem that I read to him YEARS ago, and he remembered the line, and quoted it at the most wonderful moment. I told my friend at work this, and she said that he “scored major husband points” for this. So, I must share the poem with you:

by Ruth Herschberger

I said, I fear and resent men.
He said, I’m not a man, I’m a flower.

Sergei’s a flower –
What a flower!
A broncho of a bloom.

Carnation, rose?
A soft primrose?
Chrysanthemum, or whom?

Sergei’s a bower –
What a bower!
A grapevine of delight.

Sergei’s a pose,
A yellow rose,
A stallion in the night.

The poem is from an anthology that my best friend and I picked up copies of years ago – Fine Frenzy: Enduring Themes in Poetry.

Good night,

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