Sunday, March 30, 2008

The birds and the bees, etc.

American Robin with olive juice (aka, the blood of past prey) smeared on its bill

The mighty robin checks on the photographer before
Pouncing on its quarry
Success! The olive has been captured!While I was watching this robin, I felt a light splat on my hand. Someone had sent a little whitewash my way. My husband removed his hat, and it had poop on it, as well. We looked up into the tree and saw the underside of another robin. Turdus migratorius, indeed!

We were happy to see Douglas Irises last weekend (location: near a trailhead in El Dorado County).

The most common birds, like this Canada Goose, are beautiful, especially in late afternoon light.

The California lilacs, California poppies, and Western Redbud are providing a riot of color in our front yard. When we get home from work, I often check to see how the bees in the California lilacs are doing. I'm trying to see if I can actually see them transferring the pollen to their hind legs.
They move so fast, but I think I saw it once. Their pollen baskets are so cute when full. What are their pollen baskets like? According to this site, "Each [hind] leg is flattened and covered with long fringed hairs that form a pollen basket," and I'm wondering if the pollen just collects there as they crawl along, or if they actively transfer pollen to the baskets. I'm guessing that it's the latter.

I am almost finished with my second acorn cap doll. I can't find the right cap. Actually, I had one that was the perfect fit; however, I discovered a grub living in it. Eeeeeww!!

Finally, if you want to smile, check out this picture of a Highland Cow. Duuuuude.

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