Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Elusive Wolverine Makes Its First Sierra Appearance in Years, via The Sacramento Bee. This is a reason for all Californians to celebrate!!! By the way, its scientific name is Gulo gulo, which means "glutton, glutton." Hee, hee.

It's a shame how superstition can rob a person of the ability to appreciate the natural world. I was talking to a friend about owls, and he is afraid of them because as a child, he was told that they symbolized death. That is so sad. Seeing or hearing an owl is a blessing from nature, as is seeing a snake, hearing coyotes howl, and listening to crows and ravens. Yet superstition and irrational fears deprive people of the joy of being in the presence of such awesome creatures. Speaking of coyotes, my husband was in our office at home this morning, and he heard a coyote howling at about 2:20 this morning. That's the first on on our "yard list."

Thinking good thoughts for the wolverine,

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