Monday, March 17, 2008

Random Thoughts

The Little Zoo Flickr photoset, via How About Orange

Very simple weaving from CraftyPod, via the Craft magazine blog. I am definitely going to try one of the cardboard looms at this link. I've always wondered if anyone has tried to spin thread/yarn from the "cotton" from a cottonwood tree (Populus fremontii)?

Garden Patch Cakelet Pan. This pan makes tiny vegetable-shaped cakes. The finished cakes are effing adorable, but far beyond my baking/cake decorating interests and skills. I bake perhaps twice a decade. I made a Key Lime Pie last year. Juicing those tiny, rock-hard limes took forever, but the pie was very good – like eating a slice of the sun. Several years ago, I made lemon bars, which were yummy, too – zesting those lemons took forever. I'm sensing a theme here ...

Speaking of Key Limes, we visited Florida a few years ago, and the flora, fauna, and landscape are beautiful. The birding was excellent! After birding on Key West for a few hours, we were hungry, so we started looking for a restaurant with vegetarian food. We saw Garden Burgers on the menu of one restaurant, so we went in and tried to order a couple. The restaurant employee said that the Garden Burgers were available in the restaurant out back, and pointed to a tall wooden fence about 50 yards in back of the building. We walked up to the fence, opened the gate and ascended the stairs. There was an outdoor restaurant with a bar, a pool, and an all-naked clientele. We found someplace else to eat.

I found some unfinished wooden beads at Michael’s yesterday, and after I rustle up some grub, I'm going to see how they fit with my collection of acorn caps. I'm going to make those acorn cap dolls that I mentioned in this post.

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