Friday, March 7, 2008

Random Thoughts of 3-7-08

OK, Torchwood is at it again with the torture. In last Saturday's episode, they were terrorizing a prisoner with a Weevil (super-scary alien) on a leash -- shades of the dogs at Abu Ghraib. It's no surprise that that rat-bastard-fascist-traitor-to-the-human-race Antonin Scalia is a fan of torturer Jack Bauer of 24. Scalia's remarks in this article are both frightening and immature (although not surprising). I don't care whether or not torture works (it always does on TV) -- it's wrong. I don't care if the prisoner turns out to be guilty -- torture is always wrong. Sometimes I feel like I'm surrounded by barbarians. Geez.

OK, on a lighter note:

Javelina and butterflies print, from Andrea Zuill

This Boy Knits blog. Check out his knitting, his drawings (here and here and here), and his family's art.

Pencil shavings jewelry. This reminds me of my co-worker who uses real, honest-to-goodness, old school wooden pencils.

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